Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Music with Multitouch Pad Control - MTmini

Multitouch Pad is a touch control, developed by the association. This control is very possible to use the DAW and could be used as a controller on the DAW you use. I believe this tool could be a tool bending the DAW. The development of technology increasingly allows musicians to play or make a song. This technology is very welcome. I also want to try.

Fruity Loops Pitcher - Image Line

Fruity pitcher is a plugin from the image line which is useful for bending effects of the sound issued. We can make the sound be harmonious and change the tone of voice. It is suitable for vocalists who want to create a sound so clean, smooth footage. Fruity pitcher available on the packet FL-studio 9.6

Youtube Fruity Pitcher DEMO

DAW of Fruity Loops - Image Lines

Fruity loops software can make many kinds of songs, if you want to make songs. is looking for a tutorial to create songs using this software. FL-studio DAW software is very simple and easy to use. The winner of the contest making songs using FL-studio are young, named madeon still 16 years old.
I am a user of FL-studio has made a lot of songs.

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